Auto Soviet

Auto Soviet



Auto Soviet is the newest strain from this all auto seed company. AUTOFEM are the latest in Spanish seed companies now producing cannabis seeds and they have a unique formula for success.

Soviet will go from germinated seed to fully ripe bud in as little as 60 days which is just 9 weeks. There is no need for the lights to be calculated as they are fully stable auto flowering plants. Soviet is most suited for 18-20 hours of light but when it comes to auto’s it is good to find what suits you best.

Auto Flowering Autofem Auto Soviet 
Seed bank:           Autofem
Type:                     Indica / Mostly Sativa
Genetics:             Low Ryder x AK47 Ubekstani
Flowering:             Auto-Flowering
Seed to Harvest: 60-70 Days
Height:                   Short
Yield Per plant:   50-70 grams per plant
Yield per m2:       540 grams per m2
Yield per day:       8.31 grams per day growing
Characteristics: Sedation and narcotic, heavy hitter

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