La Bella Afrodita Automatic

La Bella Afrodita Automatic



La Bella Afrodita is a cross between our own Il Diavolo with AK47 Auto, revealing a new generation of automatics, which are the result of crossing two auto strains, producing larger plants and bigger yields than their predecessors. Plants may reach 70-120cm and produce long branches laden with long, dense, resin-covered buds. Perfect in cold climates for a summer harvest while in Mediterranean climes two or three harvests a season are very common. Its aroma includes typical Afghan overtones with a fresh and fruity twist. High medicinal value and ideal for relieving chronic pain. Produces a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and has sedative properties, making it ideal for long sessions of meditation and relaxation.

Sex: Feminised
Lineage: Il Diavolo x AK47 Auto
Grow Method: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time Indoors: 45-50 days
Flowering Time Outdoors: Automatic (45-55 days)
Yield: 400-450 g/m2 indoor. Up to 80g/plant outdoor
Taste: Fruity/Sweet
Smell: Fruity/Floral
Effect : Medicinal
THC: 19-20%
Resistence to Mould: Medium
Resistence to Pests: High
Medicinal Value: Very High

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