La Frutta di Venus Automatic

La Frutta di Venus Automatic



La Frutta di Venus is the result of crossing a sensational Great White Shark female from one of our own regular selections with a specimen of Cannabis sativa ruderalis. It’s a first generation auto. A small, compact plant although with excellent yields of very good buds with abundant flowers. Very quick grower ideal for summer harvests or very discreet gardens. Like all automatics, we advise germinating it in the definitive pot to prevent early flowering. In northern climes it’s a very attractive option for a summer crop while in Mediterranean climes two or three harvests a season are very common. This cross has the characteristic taste and aroma of the white and skunk family with touches of aniseed and spices. The effect is very relaxing, almost narcotic. Very suitable for medicinal use as the mental stimulation is very subtle.

Sex: Feminised
Lineage: Great White Shark X C. Sativa Ruderalis
Grow Method: Indoor/Outdoor
Flowering Time Indoors: 45 Days
Flowering Time Outdoors: Automatic (45 Days)
Yield: 400-450g/m2 Indoor. 25-60g/Plant Outdoor
Taste: Sweet/Aniseed
Smell: Medium
Effect: Medicinal
THC: 20%
Resistence to Mould: Medium
Resistence to Pests: High
Medicinal Value: Very High

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