Afrodite Automatic

Afrodite Automatic



Autoflowering variety that embodies the spirit of our bank: quick and reliable

Our best genetics are applied to the ruderalis. For this variety we select few ruderalis which have a good contribution of height and creation of low branches. Our test results show, massive production of "crystals" from the first days of flowering.
It exhibits a big vigour during the growth and it excels as a variety with quite a high level of psychoactivity. It is characterised by a liquorices odour with a light touch Haze.
Afrodite contributes a better final production and a higher psychoactivity, as well as the production of more compact buds.
Harvest: +3 months from seed.

Height: Medium-Tall
Indoor flowering time: 9-10 weeks
THC level: 8-14%
Yield: Medium

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