Astro Queen

Astro Queen

TGA Subcool


Astroboy x Space Queen

Selecting from TGA۪s cross, Astroboy, a large watermelon trait female was pollinated with a Space Queen male. The resulting cross yields very unusual tasting hybrid with flavours from cherry to watermelon. Females are very similar, with heavy resin and a fruity smell and taste.

The high is very intense and is reported by smokers as trippy and good for pain relief. Very mind expanding and visual, very much a head high. Harvest window is 8 weeks.

ۢ Hybrid Astroboy x Space Queen.
ۢ 40% Sativa / 60% Indica.
ۢ Flowering Time: 5558 days.
ۢ Yield: Good.
ۢ Effect: Narcotic, medicinal.
ۢ Smell/Taste: Orange, mango.
ۢ Resin production: Very high.

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