Sugar Mango Ryder

Sugar Mango Ryder

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Sugar Mango Ryder is the result of crossing our Brazil Amazonia, which comes from the Amazonian region of Brazil, with a Ruderalis plant. This cross is a good example of Cannabis Ruderalis, which, over the generations, has been crossed and re-crossed to produce a strain with Indica characteristics and the auto-flowering genetic programming of Ruderalis. The result is a mainly indica auto strain with a fruity, typically indica taste and aroma, producing better developed, more abundant plants that can reach 90cm. As flowering does not depend on the photo-period, she can be grown at any time of the year although yields improve the better the environmental conditions. A good tip for outdoor growing is to plant out as soon as the good weather starts then repeat a few days before harvesting the first crop to give two good harvests a year. Some growers do more, though owing to the less favourable conditions, these crops tend to be less productive. For indoor growing we recommend a 20/4 light/dark cycle throughout.

Sex: Feminised
Lineage: Ruderalis x Brazilian (Santa Maria from Brazil)
Genotype: Auto indica.
Grow Method: indoor/outdoor
Harvest Time: automatic, (50-60 days)
Yield: 350-450g/m indoor / 25-45g/plant outdoor
Height: 40-90cm
Taste: Fruity
Odour: Strong, fruity.
Effect: Mildly relaxing.
THC: 18%
Resistance to Mould: Medium
Resistance to Pests: Medium
Medicinal Value: Very High

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