Delivery Method

All our orders are guaranteed. I promise to replace any order that does not reach its destination safely and promptly. No quibbles. Of course, ensure the shipping address you give us is full and correct, as we can’t re-send if it isn’t! If for any reason your order has not arrived within 28 days, we will re-ship free of charge (providing the correct address was provided).


All seeds are in stock and ready for immediate shipping from the UK. Parcels coming from the UK attract far less attention than packages sent from the Netherlands. The strength of my guarantee ensures that stealth is as important to us as it is to you. Less than 1% of our orders fail to reach their destination – after all, we have to pay for them if they don’t arrive safely!

General Information

Castle are one of the leading on line seed banks that ship to USA.

If you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale in USA, the average shipping time to the USA is less than 8 days from when you place your order.  Orders have even been known to arrive within three or four days!  We ship worldwide and all our shipping options are free for orders over £50.

We promise to never profit from postage.


PLEASE NOTE: We can only replace or refund orders if you have entered the correct name AND address at the checkout.