My Pledge

Dear Friends,

Choosing a seed bank is a decision based on trust. I pledge to you that I will do everything in my power to gain and keep that trust. Allow me to explain my philosophy before you decide to trust us, and then do your own research to discover for yourself if my opinion of my company is in harmony with that of my customers.

Look at and research our list of seed banks. Their reputations are excellent. I have and will remove any seed bank which does not meet my famous high standards. Like any reputable seed retailer we have to respect our suppliers RRPs. However, our free shipping on orders over £50 allows us to guarantee you will not find anyone who can beat our price for your order. 

We ship marijuana seeds worldwide and all our shipping options are free for orders over £50. As long as you select registered mail (which also happens to be free!) then I will personally guarantee the safe and prompt arrival of your seeds. If for any reason your marijuana seeds fail to reach you within 28 days then we will refund you in full, or replace your seeds free of charge.

We ship from the UK. Parcels coming from the UK attract far less attention than packages sent from The Netherlands. The strength of my guarantee ensures that stealth is as important to me as it is to you. Less than 1% of our orders fail to reach their destination – after all, we have to pay for them if they don’t arrive safely!

In essence my core values revolve around trust, quality and service. I personally promise my company will never deviate from these ideals. In the unlikely event that we do make a mistake, we will endeavour to put it right swiftly and generously.

We will do everything in our power to put your custom before our convenience and provide you with the kind of service your patronage deserves.

My sincere thanks,

Thomas Henry Castle


* Like-for-like price matching (breeder and strain must be the same).