Auto Blue Mammoth

Barney's Farm

£6.00 GBP

Skunk #1 x Blue Cheese x Ruderalis

Blue Mammoth is without a doubt a most interestingly exotic plant. This autoflowering little monster was originally created from a crossing of a Siberian Ruderalis plant into a Blue Cheese X Skunk #1. Beautiful blue hews come through its canopy of dense green colas of sweet indica marijuana. It is easy to grow, and loves the sun. Plus it looks great in the garden.

Type: Autoflowering Indica
Yield: 15 - 20 gr per plant
Height: 60 - 80cm
Flower time: 70 days from seed
Harvest time: All year
THC: 10 to 12%
CBD: High
Genetics: Skunk #1 x Blue Cheese x Siberian Ruderalis

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